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Why do my labels not stay attached to my textile?


Each fabric has its own requirements. In order to obtain a long-lasting label on the desired textile despite these requirements, the heat-sealing process must be perfectly coordinated.


The label can only adhere optimally if temperature, pressure and time are coordinated and precisely adjusted.

Pressure Time Temperature

Example 1:

The heat-sealing time and temperature are set correctly, but the pressure is not correct. Only with the correct pressure can the adhesive layer fuse deep enough with the fabric.

Example 2:

The heat-sealing time and pressure are set correctly, but the heat-sealing temperature is not correct. If the temperature is not set correctly, the adhesive will not become liquid enough to fuse deep enough with the fabric.

Example 3:

The heat-sealing temperature and pressure are set correctly, but the heat-sealing time is not correct. If the duration is set too short, the adhesive does not have enough time to fuse firmly enough with the fabric.

As you will notice, many different factors are associated with an optimal heat-sealing result. But there are solutions that make your work easier, such as heat-seal machines with a self-opening mechanism. Here, the heating head lifts automatically (pneumatic) or semi-automatically (manually operated) after the entered heat-sealing time. This allows you to leave the workstation out of your sight and still achieve an optimal heat-sealing result. A "damper system" on the lower plate also ensures optimal heat-seal results through even contact pressure.


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