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The new F11 and F12 UHF transponders

Invisible and yet labelled: the new F11 and F12 UHF transponders

The Schutterwald firm THERMOTEX NAGEL GmbH gladly fulfils the wishes of its customers. According to the demands of our customers, the market needs a thin transponder which simply disappears into the textile garment, as well as a transponder which can be hidden behind an identification label. The development department at THERMOTEX went to work and at the beginning of October two new stick transponders were released – the F11 and F12.

With slim dimensions of 70mm x 11mm, the F11 us ideal for sewing into the hem of a garment. Thus, the clothing manufacturer can take over the task of identity-labelling. In addition, the F11 is a fascinating novelty for the wearer of the garment as the transponder is neither visible nor noticeable. The F11 can be optimally scanned, among other ways, as part of a bulk reading of several hundred transponders.

The small but fine F12 is especially suited for use in residents’ laundry. With dimensions of only 33mm x 11mm, the UHF transponder is hidden on the back of a label. This label is designed individually by the company itself, for example with resident’s name or a logo. Thus, the F12 offers a combination of RFID technology together with label, which is ideal for individual or stacked reading.

With 30 years of experience as a system provider in the field of textile labelling and laundry logistics, THERMOTEX NAGEL GmbH always offers a suitable solution for its customers.


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