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Intuitive printer for the future: TT5-L

Digitalisation is continuing to make great onward strides, increasing the demands on a fast-moving world of business. The Black Forest company THERMOTEX is perfectly prepared. The system provider for textile labelling and laundry logistics constantly adjusts its product range to meet market demands. And it is happening this summer too.


The in-house department for development have put a lot of work into the new thermal transfer printer called TT5-L. The result is impressive, as the TT5-L has a unique design, is future oriented in its features and is all-round hundred per cent THERMOTEX.

TT5 L Produkt 02

A printer was created for faster workflow processes, enabling any employee to operate it intuitively. The colour touch-display with its structured menu navigation very easily guides users through the printing of labels. The TT5-L has ten labelling templates, which print the desired text simply onto pre-punched labels, so that the TT5-L can be operated flexibly in a stand-alone operation. The TT5-L can also be connected to a PC for customers who like to design labels using software.

TT5 L Display 04

Insertion of the label roll and ink ribbon is just as easy as the printing of labels itself, as all components that are relevant for the operation have contrasting colours to the other parts. The TT5-L is calibrated with just one touch of a button in order to start printing labels immediately after exchanging a roll.

TT5 L Detail 04

All things considered, this is a new, compact thermal transfer printer on the market, which meets all the requirements of a digital future. THERMOTEX has been offering professional machines, equipment and services for labelling textiles for over 30 years. THERMOTEX has established its position in the European market amongst market leaders with its experience, know-how and consistent quality management as per DIN ISO 9001.



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