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User-friendly & intelligent: the new P4 heat-sealing machine

Marking thick jackets or sturdy work trousers with a standard heat-sealing machine is cumbersome and difficult for any employee. THERMOTEX can lend a helping hand with the newly developed P4. The pneumatic heat-sealing machine offers an oversized opening angle, which makes it much easier to patch voluminous textiles. The freedom of movement which is gained facilitates the employee’s workflow.

The P4 is considered to be the successor to the P-3 Futura. The P4 has received an update in the form of a user-friendly touch display with intelligent menu navigation in a new, modern design. The display shows important functions, such as the actual and pre-set temperature and the duration of the patching, at a glance. Since these parameters are essential for an optimal patching result, they can be changed quickly via the touch-screen display or even stored in three different function buttons. Another important parameter is the contact pressure at which the patching is carried out. This is also visible on the front display screen of the P4.

The heat-sealing process is started with a foot switch. The electronic patch release and the automatic error message system guarantee a secure operational workflow. If the patching process has to be interrupted or aborted, this can be done quickly with the release switch. The “suspension system”, with easily interchangeable lower plate, ensures an even patch pressure for optimal patching results. The heat-sealing machine is manufactured to the latest Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG.

With 30 years of experience as a system provider in the field of textile labelling and laundry logistics, THERMOTEX NAGEL GmbH always offers a suitable solution for its customers.

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