Fire department package

textile marking and inventory

Fire department package: Art. no.: 22346

textile marking and inventory

The package, specially developed for fire brigades, brings practical helpers to the station! Label your fire brigade needs, from uniforms to equipment. We deliver the equipment immediately ready for use with the proven THERMOTEX quality.  

Package contents:

  • Thermal transfer printer TT4-MX
    • robust printing unit
    • large colour touchscreen with self-explanatory symbols for intuitive operation
    • resolution: 300 dpi
    • incl. dispenser, power cable, keyboard, cleaning kit
  • Hand-operated heat-seal machine Spirit 1
    • easy and comfortable handling
    • incl. easily exchangeable heat-seal plate (110 x 30 mm) 
    • incl. heatprotection cover plate with cut for additional protection
    • small upcharge option: self-opening Spirit 3
  • WinTexx 5 Lite
    • for label design
    • easy connection of the thermal transfer printer with the in-house network computer
    • integration of fonts, symbols and graphics is possible
  • 1 roll Fixtexx
    • Format: 53 x 19 mm
    • for permanent marking
    • quality Fixtexx 2026
    • approx. 570 labels
  • 1 roll ink ribbon
    • width: 60 mm
    • length: 100 m
    • I-C-9-sw for Fixtexx 2026
  • small upcharge option: SK tape
    • labels in format: 35 x 25 mm
    • for inventory
    • quality: SK 2005
    • approx. 4.000 labels
    • matching ink ribbon (R-S-1-sw) in format (B x L) 40 mm x 300 m
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