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Laundry sorting shelf trolley "Eco"

Bring order into your fresh laundry sorting!

You can assemble our sorting shelf trolley yourself according to your individual operational requirements. The 4 wheels mean it can be positioned flexibly anywhere in your company. Thanks to 2 wheels with double stops, it can be easily fixed in place. For a better overview, label frames are included on each shelf for identification.

  • sturdy, chrome-plated frame
  • Variation options:
    • Number of mesh shelves: 5 or 6
    • Number of compartments: 8 to 30 compartments
    • Compartment depth: 3 different depths
  • Division of compartments using dividers
  • Label frames for compartment identification

You are looking for a simple system for sorting laundry in the forwarding department?

Discover our OUT-SorTexx laundry sorting system now!


*Pictures may differ from the product.

Number of mesh shelves Total height Total width
610 mm 914 mm 1220 mm 1524 mm 1830 mm
5 Bottoms 457 mm 8 Compartments 12 Compartments 16 Compartments 20 Compartments 24 Compartments
533 mm
610 mm

6 Bottoms

457 mm 10 Compartments 15 Compartments 20 Compartments 25 Compartments 30 Compartments
533 mm
610 mm
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