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RS-232 multiplexer

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Our customer “Wäscherei Bodensee” needed a system to extend the existing HF tunnel reading system with UHF universal i4 antennas. Our developers therefore designed the RS-232 multiplexer and installed it in a control box. This makes it possible to read textiles with HF and UHF tags via an interface and to output data processing via a PC.

Schaubild Multiplexer 3

The details

  1. Dirty laundry with HF tags is read using a HF tunnel
  2. Further transport on ascending conveyors: Dirty laundry with UHF tags are detected by universal i4 antennas
  3. Data processing/interface RS-232 multiplexer: HF and UHF tag numbers are compiled
  4. Central data output via a PC: Overview of laundry items with HF and UHF tags

Using the RS-232 multiplexer, THERMOTEX offers you the best solution to connect up to 3 different reading systems in your existing system and output them on one interface!


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