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UHF Embroidered tag F11

UHF tag F11
Art. no. 68108

Make the tag disappear! Namely, in the seam of the garment.

Garment manufacturers sew the F11 into the seam. Thus, patching or sewing in separately is not necessary. Another benefit for the customer: the transponder is hidden and cannot be felt.

  • manufactured with proven base material
  • certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • dimensions (L x W): 70 x 11 mm 
  • thickness: 0.5 mm, <2.5 mm in chip area

OTS100 label S20 3273 en


Wäschereien & Mietwäschereien
Technischer Handel
Industrie & Konfektion

Areas of applications

reading of workwear, flat textiles and contract textiles




bulk reading e.g. in wire mesh carts, pile, laundry bags

Reading distance

up to 6m

Reading systems

UHF Box, Gate, Shelf, hand-held readers, Universal, Table Plus

Washing process

suitable for industrial ironing / resistant to industrial washing
Application for sewing in into the hemline of a textile
Konfektionaere GBV2 web

Textile manufacturers

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Format 36 S.
flyer transponder technik GB v4

RFID Technology

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Format 28 S.
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