Heat seal materials (PA)

Save on costs by repairing your own textiles and clothing!

Using our patch material, you can mend any holes, rips, or other Kind of damages at your valuables textiles and clothings quickly, cheaply and permanently. A damaged place can be repaired from the outer as well as from the inner side, so as the patch to be unremarkable.

  • for fast and easy laundry repairs 
  • available in various qualities and colours
  light / medium quality heavy quality low temperature
Material 65& polyester & 35 % cotton / 100% cotton 100% cutton 100% polyester
Washability 95°C 95°C 85°C
Suitable fpr industrial ironer yes yes no
Patch parameters 204 - 210°C | 10 - 12 sec. 204 - 210°C | 15 - 18 sec. 160 - 180°C | 15 - 18 sec.
FY 078 GB V3


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Format 0 S.
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