You have to be a little bit of a ankle-biter

Stefan Burgbacher looks after Germany’s South West for THERMOTEX and has more than 30 years of professional experience. He was involved with shaping the company’s road to success right from the beginning. As he loves his job, he will continue working until, he “can no longer drive a car.” This is a salesman with heart and soul. 


Stefan Burgbacher is something of an old swashbuckler in the field. It is not surprising therefore, that this man likes to make phone calls when he is on the road - only using the hands-free module in his car, of course. And when Burgbacher starts to talk then there is no stopping him in a hurry. But it’s certainly not boring in any way - quite the opposite! This man has experienced a lot and therefore has many exciting stories to tell. Burgbacher brings 30 years of experience in the field, 25 of which at THERMOTEX. The 61 year old is not thinking of retirement for a long time yet. “I am going to do this until I can no longer drive a car,” he says smilingly. Whoever listens to this bedrock of marketing realises that he speaks with a passion for the job.  


Burgbacher’s territory is the motorway, his operational area is the Southwest - Northern Baden-Württemberg, parts of the Palatinate region and Northern Bavaria as well as Southern Hessen. This is his road, this is where he sells, this is where he looks after his customers. He hasn’t just accompanied the THERMOTEX success story; he has virtually co-written it.

“In the past I was on the road a lot more; together with Helmut Czichon and a few colleagues I built up the business in half of Germany and Switzerland,” he recalls. “In a figurative sense we started with a ‘vendor’s tray’ and developed into a highly successful, medium-sized company and one of the market leaders in Europe,” he says not without pride in his voice.


What fascinates him about his job? The people and their diversity! “I work with the warehouse workers and with the company managers.” So the man from near Karlsbad never gets bored. “THERMOTEX’s range of articles and products is constantly increasing, and your own technical know-how grows with it. When working as a field service rep there are certainly highs and lows and things can go wrong at times. But I really very much like doing this work. At the end of the day, it is important to me that the customer knows that they have found the right partner in THERMOTEX.


Above all, the exciting fact is that THERMOTEX has been able to expand enormously in geographic terms. “We operate in so many regions today, and many colleagues, who serve their own areas now, were trained by me. I am happy about that.” The low levels of fluctuation show Burgbacher that everyone enjoys working at THERMOTEX. He has often seen field service reps at competing companies come and go. “And when you then smell an opportunity, you must stick with it, must visit the customer, find solutions for him and properly plough through his area.” He has “turned over one or two projects in this way” and was able to win new customers for THERMOTEX.

Burgbacher explains what constitutes his own success: “You need discipline, you must be well organised and always seek out the doable for the customer.” And with humour he adds, “and you just have to be a little ankle-biter!


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