Environmental policy

THERMOTEX is committed to the environment




Environmental protection and sustainability are important issues to both THERMOTEX’s management and the entire workforce. For this reason, environmental policy has become part of the corporate values here at THERMOTEX. In all areas of the company, by taking small measures, we consciously and actively protect our environment in order to operate more sustainably.




Energy-saving mode instead of screen savers, networked printers for joint usage, energy-efficient equipment, switching off devices at the end of the day
Email as a means of communication (avoiding printing), duplex printing (reduces paper usage by 50%)
  Waste prevention, clean waste separation using collection containers, sustainable handling of cartons and packaging materials (reuse)
  Car sharing, business trips using public transport / trains, cargo bicycles, collective deliveries, employees travel to work by bike
  Sustainable energy provider, proper heating and ventilation, LED lighting
  Green areas with shrubs and trees, bamboo forest, regional products for employees (e.g. apples), insect hotel, beehives on the factory grounds

Oeko-Tex certification, Reach conformity, legal requirements for the environment


THERMOTEX is always open to ideas as to how we can protect the environment through its employee suggestion scheme. Thus, each and every member of staff has the possibility to play their part in taking responsibility for the environment.



The introduction, implementation, backup and documentation of these measures generates additional expenditure. With the environmental levy, THERMOTEX would like to bring these achievements to the attention of our customers and encourage joint action in this very important area. The goal is sustainable, responsible improvement of the current environmental conditions for the benefit of future generations.




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