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10 good reasons to choose our RFID technology

We want to support you with our RFID technology. Why should you choose us as your partner and service provider? We can give you 10 good reasons!

  1. We are not salespeople, but advisors. We will give you a personal contact partner who will guide you through your entire project. Even after the project has been completed, your contact person will be at your side with help and advice!

  2. We get the maximum out of your process. To do this, we also analyse your processes on site in order to record your project optimally and realistically, because the resulting process optimisation saves you time and money.

  3. With our wide range of products from small tags to ascending conveyors, we create complete system solutions for you.

  4. If the RFID technology does not do what it should, our service department is there for you. We support you with everything from technical support to maintenance and repair and we are happy to provide you with rental and loan machines on a temporary basis.


  5. Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role, especially in times of Coronavirus. With RFID technology from THERMOTEX at your side, you are taking the right step towards Industry 4.0.

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  6. The digital world is fast-moving and expects flexibility. That is why our own development department regularly creates new, market-driven products and innovations.

  7. Every operation is as individual as a fingerprint. We work with you to find the potential for improvement in your existing process landscape and, if necessary, adapt our products to your needs as a special design.

  8. We are collectors - of expertise. Many satisfied customers are now drawing on our experience and expert knowledge.


  9. RFID technology shows itself in the diversity of the different transponder designs available. The right product can therefore be found for the relevant areas of application in your company!

  10. Your needs and wishes are our top priority. That's why we cooperate with strong partners to achieve the best result together with you.


Then feel free to contact your personal contact person or fill out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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