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Polyester taffeta tape (PT)

Polyester-taffeta tapes are used to make wash-resistant care labels for sewing in. The strong, smooth tapes are coated on both sides and thus creates a supple surface and a high level of comfort. Additionally, the PT tapes are printable on both sides and deliver a perfect print result and optically outstanding, long-lasting appearance. Our customers in product labelling during the textile manufacturing process benefit from durable and extremely tear-resistant material in four different qualities. Furthermore, the tapes are available on rolls of various lengths and widths.

  • tapes for double-side printing
  • sturdy, smooth surface
  • PT01 + PT09: tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Garment manufactures / Industry

The four qualities in comparison:

Ribbon  Weight Thickness



120 ± 10 g/m²

170 ± 20 µm

up to 85°C


175 ± 10 g/m²

240 ± 20 µm up to 85°C


72 ± 10 g/m²

60 ± 10 µm up to 40°C


160 ± 10 g/m²

140 ± 20 µm up to 85°C
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Textile manufacturers

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