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Our road through 2019

For more than 30 years, THERMOTEX has been rapidly progressing. In order to keep it that way, some far-reaching measures will be taken in 2019.

Whether in hospitals, in hotels, in the garment industry or in the food industry: Whenever textiles for the laundry cycle (see page 20) are marked, be it medical gowns, duvet covers, work trousers or aprons, THERMOTEX is in the game. No matter what material or what type of washing, nothing can hide from the marking. The product range, which is used by companies from more than 60 countries, such as Japan or New Zealand, is exceptionally extensive.

The next generation

For more than 30 years the company from the Black Forest has been serving a growing market, which has been decisively developed by THERMOTEX, and continues to influence it today. For example, THERMOTEX was the first German company where customers could order the QR code. THERMOTEX intends to continue developing the industry with innovative and digital solutions in the future as well. That's one of the reasons why new products and solutions will find their way back into the range in 2019.

Twinymat Detail 03 dunkel

Among them is a flexible thermal transfer printer called TT5-L, into which the in-house development department put their heart and soul. Another new and above all hot product is the heat-seal machine Twinymat in a new look! As before, the pneumatic machine has two heat-seal stations to handle a large number of textiles quickly. All good things come in threes! Following this motto, the third new machine for 2019 is coming along - the Thermo-Ident! It not only radiates in new colours, but the printing technology also receives a lift. The multifunctional treasure for temporary and permanent marking is expected to be launched by THERMOTEX in autumn 2019.

Creating space

In order to provide sufficient space for development work and the growing order levels, the factories in Schutterwald, Germany, need to be adapted. Helmut Czichon, Managing Director of THERMOTEX alongside Dietmar Nagel, explains the further reasons for the expansion: “The next generation already has one foot in the door. Sometimes the next generation is already breathing down my neck!”. Mr Czichon is referring to his daughter Julia Czichon, who has been working as her father's right-hand woman side since 2013. "With the new generation, digitization in particular is gaining an important position with us. The new digital workflows allow us to run internal processes more independently and faster.”

Things are getting bigger!

Umbau3 01 2

Since both plants in Schutterwald are bursting at the seams, THERMOTEX is spending approx. € 1.2 million to equip the upper floor of factory 2, which was previously used as a storage area, with around 1,200 m² of new office and work space. In the first stages of construction, new walls formed visible office space. Windows, heating and daylight lamps were installed for a pleasant working climate in the future. But it is not only invested in new space. In order to further optimise and automate the work processes in-house, new production machines for equipment rolls and multi-colour emblems are on the shopping list, because especially in the emblems sales area, the steadily growing order volume has to be absorbed. In the financial year 2018 alone, THERMOTEX produced around 12 million emblems - the equivalent of approximately the population of Europe's second-largest city: Moscow. This mass of work at THERMOTEX – and the trend is still rising - is currently being managed by a 150-strong team, which will be supported by around ten new employees by the end of 2019.

Green fingers go

Baeume 0103 01 1

Not only the work space is being tackled! THERMOTEX has big plans for the existing green space on the company premises! For the year 2019, the Black Forest business is entirely dedicated to the environment. Various projects have already started. On the one hand, THERMOTEX giving away spruce seeds in a wooden cube, which serves as a growing station on your own desk. The evergreen spruce is a symbol tree for the Black Forest and, by the way, tree of the year 2017. The desk turns green - the meadow becomes colourful! Because in addition to the spruce, a flower meadow is currently being created at factory 2. The visitors to this meadow are already on the way, because two beehives will find their new home. With busy bees and enough pollen, about 50 kilograms of honey could be produced at the end of the year.

Insektenhotel Bau 08

As the Black Forest becomes an increasingly popular holiday destination, the new construction of a hotel (1) is obvious. Not for tourists, but for native insects, personally built by the current trainees. Every year, new trainees start their career at THERMOTEX. In 2019, nine trainees in commercial or technical areas will gain sound and practical training. Incidentally, THERMOTEX hired the first apprentice in 1999 - with success! Because he still works at his training company.

Hidden champion

With experience, know-how and consistent quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, the family-owned company THERMOTEX has established itself a solid position in the European market among the market leaders. The start to a successful year 2019 has also turned out well. The hidden champion from southern Germany has set the course optimally, so that another prosperous financial year can be expected.

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