Heat-seal machines

Heat-seal machines from THERMOTEX are available in a variety of versions. For high workloads, pneumatic heat-seal machines are the ideal solution - characterised by their very simple operation, high level of safety and best quality. Whether for patching repairs, barcodes, name labels or emblems - hand-operated heat-seal machines from THERMOTEX stand out for their robust construction, ease of use and functionality. Our products are manufactured according to the latest machinery manufacturing guidelines.

What is heat sealing?

“To heat sealing” (mend, repair). In relation to textiles, heat sealing refers to the marking, finishing and repairing of textiles using a thermal process by way of heat-seal machines and transfer presses.

What is a heat-seal machine?

A heat-seal machine is a device used for the thermal transfer (heat sealing) of labels, emblems and repair patches to garments and textiles of all kinds. The heat-seal machine functions by way of electronic control, a heating element, a heat-seal plate with silicone rubber and pressure technology. In the case of hand-operated heat-seal machines, patching is done via a pressure lever mechanism and with pneumatic machines via a pneumatic cylinder.


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