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HF system tunnel antenna


HF system tunnel antenna | Art. no. 17858


Our innovative scanning systems are cutting-edge and ensure optimal laundry sorting thanks to the corresponding tags. Entire packages, sacks or piles of laundry can be scanned in seconds, greatly saving time!

  • ideal for integration into existing conveyor systems
  • reading of whole packages, sacks or piles of laundry
  • huge time savings
  • 100 % reliability

The pictured system includes:

  • tunnel antenna
  • mesh belt conveyor
  • long-range reader
  • antenna multiplexer
  • control unit with frequency converter
  • belt speed adjustable up to 13m/min.


Areas of application

work clothes, mops/cloths,
bathrobes, hand towels, etc.

Tag use

16 mm


piles, recording contents of whole
bags, piles of laundry and individual items

Tunnel external
dimensions (L x W x H)

800 x 550 x 550 mm

External dimensions
(L x W x H)

1.904 x 710 x 1.361 mm

Tunnel opening
(L x W x H)

430 x 430 mm


Ethernet, optional: RS232, USB

flyer transponder technik GB v4

RFID Technology

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Format 28 S.
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